7 Major Characteristic of Organizing (Explained in Details)

Characteristics of Organizing

If you want to understand head to tail of any topic, you must understand what the meaning of this topic is.

The meaning of organizing according to Theo Haimman is,

Organising is the process of defining and grouping the activities of the enterprise and establishing authority relationships among them.

When plans and objectives are implemented in the ground, the next function to be performed by the managers is organizing.

It answers some of the crucial questions such as – what works and resources are required and help to choose who is the right one to do a particular task and it also determines where and when it will be done.

According to the study of various definitions given by different authors and management experts, today we are giving a brief encounter about the characteristics or features of organizing.

So, let’s dive in.

7 Major Characteristic of Organizing

1. Division of Work:

After the detailed planning, one of the most important steps is the division of work of an enterprise. There are no organizations without division of work. The activities of the organization are allocated into many departments under the division of work.

Moreover, the work of every department is divided into some sub-division. It helps to get rid of confusion in the organization.

2. Coordination:

In every department, indivisible has some different work upon their skills, the primary goal is to accomplish the work which is assigned. But the long-term vision of all these people is to achieve the overall organizational objectives.

Organizing ensures that the activities of every person rely on each other’s work whether it happens to be different. For example, production activities are different from sales activities. But Sales activities are directly related to production activities.

It helps to set coordination among individuals, groups, and departments.

3. Communication:

Organizing helps to communicate among the staffs and employees. It also helps to understand all the members of the technique, flow, and the importance of communication.

4. Plurality of People:

An enterprise is not a single man organization; a group of many people is necessary to build an organization. In management, organizing happens by various levels of managers with the control of different personals and departments.

5. Common Objectives:

In organization, there are various types objectives or goals in every group and departments.

All road blends into a single road. Likewise, these different objectives are moved in the direction to fulfill general objectives.

6. Authority-Responsibility Structure:

For a remarkable authority-responsibility structure, the position of every single manager and sub-ordinates is fixed upon their authority and responsibility, while doing their duties.

7. Organizing is an ongoing machine of management:

In management, organizing is the ongoing machine of an organization. It is the machine of creating different jobs and departments according to the need of the organization.

In the other words, if the division of work is not done correctly then the whole organization will be declined.


These are the 7 major characteristics of organizing.

What did you think of this? Do I miss something? Come on! Let us know if you want to add something to the list.

Characteristics of Organizing FAQ:

What are the major characteristics of organizing?

These are the major characteristics of organizing which are (1) Division of Work, (2) Coordination, (3) Communication, (4) Plurality of Persons, (5) Common Objectives, (6) Authority-Responsibility Structure, (7) Organizing is an on-going machine of management.

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