What is Trade Marketing? (Explained in Details)

Trade Marketing

People always misinterpreted trade marketing and its execution. In any type of business customer is the most important factor.

If customers don’t know your product well, the product will gradually lose its demand in the market, and that means no sale. If you donʼt know about what is trade marketing then you will know everything about it(what is it, why it is an important term, who use it, and examples, etc.).

What is Trade Marketing?

In simple words, trade marketing is a part of B2B marketing. It is basically a marketing strategy which aims your product getting onto the store shelves through the value chain.

Its objective is different from traditional marketing. The main motive of trade marketing is to sell your products to other companies. By which the other companies will sell your company’s products to their customers.

Who actually uses Trade Marketing and why?

The strategy of trade marketing is used by manufacturers or the owners of the companies. They use this marketing strategy to make a distribution of their products towards their supply chain partners; distributors, wholesalers, retailers.

Its strategy is generally used to sell products in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

In trade marketing retailers must have to purchase a product from somewhere. Retailers can purchase the product directly from the manufacturers or they can purchase the product from wholesalers and distributors.

So it is very clear that manufacturers can earn more profit by selling their products directly to retailers. But they don’t do it as trade marketing is all about to create the products demand in their own staffs.

It is different from traditional marketing. There are few different things on it,

(1) Trade Marketing Manager: It is one who creates marketing strategies so that the company’s products might reach its target customers.

He must have better skills in marketing and well experienced in the B2B conference. They should analyze the data and create new marketing strategies to carry out their responsibilities in increasing the demand among the wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

(2)Trade Marketing Analyst: It is one who directly reports to its manager. They analyze the sales, data, and focus on improving the brands.

How did trade marketing become so important?

The concept of trade marketing arrived in the 1990s. It is a very important topic for many reasons. It is very necessary to maintain a good connection with your supply chain partners to sell your products.

To beat your competitors and to earn more profit especially in FMCG (fast moving consumer good)you must have a good supply chain. For these reasons trade marketing is very important.

Methods of Trade Marketing:

Trade Marketing
Trade Marketing

Nowadays there are various methods of trade marketing like,

Trade shows:

Trade shows are perfect for network marketing and it helps in trade marketing efforts. In trade shows, your company’s products are shown on displays.

By this the products drew the attention of the consumers. By sowing your product on the display it attracts more people and helps to earn more profit. In a trade show a company shoes his best product on the screen for promotion.

Trade promotions:

Trade promotions are connected with trade marketing and traditional marketing. By giving good promotions and offering gifts to your supply chain partners can boost your repurchase rates. It will also help you to beat your competitors in the market.

If your product is ugly than trade promotion will help to sell your product in the market.

Strategic partnership:

In trade marketing, it is very important to build a good partnership with your supply chain partners. By building a good relationship with your customers in all sorts of ways will help in your management systems and beat your competitors.

So, strategic partnership is a very important method in it.


Your product must have a strong brand as consumers always prefer a branded product.

Trade magazines and websites:

Adverts and articles can promote a product. Trade marketers should have a touch with websites. People will attract more to your products when they will see your products on the website.

How to Develop Trade Marketing Strategy:

Research the Market:

In trade marketing you must focus on the consumer’s need, what type of products they want? You must aware of the needs of your target customers.

You have to research your target competitors (their ways, methods, product quality, strategy, etc). Market research will help you to know about your target consumers.

You must have to gain knowledge about the specific marketing field you work.

Devise a plan:

After researching the market, you must have to set up a plan or strategy. You must have to set up your goals. By conducting a proper plan or strategy, it will help you to beat you, competitors.

Develop your product further:

In trade marketing you have to develop your product according to the needs and demands of your target customers. Your products will gain the market when your products will be able to satisfy the consumer’s needs. So in the trade marketing development of products is very necessary.

Work on branding:

People always buy products before checking its brand. So branding is very important in the marketing field. All marketing strategies fail in front of branding.

By creating a popular brand will help your busses to fly. Branding helps to create a popular image of the company in front of its target consumers.

Advertising your products:

By advertising your products on websites, posters, display boards, banners will to attract more people to your products. In the tough competition of the market this (advertising) will help to beat your competitors and to earn more profit.

Advertising helps to create a favorable image of your products before your consumers.

The Benefits of Trade Marketing

  • Creating a good relationship with the supply chain partners.
  • Helping you to understand the marketing programme and helps to make marketing strategies according to it.
  • Defeating your target competitors.
  • Creating a favorable image of your company before your target customers.


It helps many businesses to stand against heavy competition.

The motive of trade marketing is to maintain a good relationship with your supply chain partners so that they can help you along the way. Thus it helps one to set up his business.

What did you think of this? Do I miss something? Let us know if you want to add something to the list.

Trade Marketing FAQ:

What is Trade Marketing?

In simple words, trade marketing is a part of B2B marketing. It is basically a marketing strategy which aims your product getting onto the store shelves through the value chain.

What are methods of Trade Marketing?

Trade shows, Trade promotions, Strategic partnership, Branding, Trade magazines and websites

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